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C.S. Cole
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September comes with the promise of rain. Just promises, though. I've yet to see a drop. Tomorrow, I hope, otherwise, I have to water my small front yard by hand and since the house next door sold, I'm not terribly fond of going out front. It's a long story involving many, many, many crappy next door neighbors.

I am one filled yard debris bin away from being done with all my outdoor summer yard projects. One more empty bin ought to do it. My yard work projects this summer included:

- Removing and disposing, by hand and shovel, five large tree stumps PLUS all the roots to reclaim a flowerbed. All stumps were smaller than a smart car, bigger than a cocktail table.

- Dug out and disposed of approximately eighty-two yards of dirt; some clay-like, some light and loamy, most composted, decayed, compacted bark mulch inhabited with entire colonies of ants.

- Fixed cut-thru sprinkler lines too many times (the perils of giving a husband free-rein with a Sawsall cutter).

- Laid eighty-six bricks and cobblestone blocks of differing colors, styles, and sizes to create a solid, stable surface under the bird feeder.

- Removed a sixteen-year old, poorly performing, overgrown Rhododendron... and remembering, too late, I had buried a dead opossum under it. (Look at the bones!)

- Painted over my Hot Patio cement poured just last November with solid blue-gray cement paint because the original tan brown cement stain faded to pink. To be honest, I don't like the blue-gray color any better.

- Dug a foot-wide, half-foot deep trench along the front of the eastern flowerbed (forty feet) for fall/winter rain runoff. No more flooding the cement walkways.

My hope is to actually enjoy my backyard's near complete transformation for a couple of weeks, without feeling the need to dig anymore, before cool, wet weather shuts everything down.

I have six more books to read by the end of the year. I finished my fourth book in August just before midnight last night. Anyone dreaming of running away to live on an island "paradise" first ought to read, "A Serpent in Paradise" by Dea Birkett. Eye opening. If you are a fan of or just curious about the descendants of the mutineers of the H.M.S Bounty still living on Pitcairn Island in the South Pacific, you'll probably race right through the book like I did, and scratch off visiting that place from your bucket list.

And finally, in case you missed it, here's a photo of the last 2016 August sunset.

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I have about a month’s worth of dirt removal left to do and no one could possibly be happier about that than I. Well, maybe the yard debris pickup guys will be. Year Two of the three year dirt removal project is almost at a close.
We were very lightly rear-ended in his car yesterday, on the way to his birthday lunch. I was driving. Very, very minor damage. No injuries. Almost a non-event. I worry he will over-focus on this rather than the previous three days in which we spent money we don’t have so he might think his 50th was pleasant. And then, that happened.
I gave thought to getting back on the treadmill today, after nearly a year off, then thought better of it. I’m happy to be thinking about it again, though. It means I’m tired of ill-fitting clothes even if I rarely think of that consciously. One more month of working outside, digging out clay dirt, and I’ll trade my shovel for the treadmill. And if I’m lucky, I’ll fit into jeans by late-October, in time for cooler, wet weather.
My streak of avoiding restaurants ended in late July with a truly crappy meal in Ridgefield. Last week, I had pizza out at a local place and was appalled at the lack of service I had once been accustomed to as normal. Yesterday, I realized I have lost my taste for restaurant food. Much of it seems to taste unnatural, chemical-laced almost, creamy to the point of bland and tasteless. And this makes me happy. My addiction to restaurant food is as good as broken.
I’m two-thirds the way through reading, Paradise by Toni Morrison and I still don’t understand what it’s about, but I’m determined to get through it and move on. I’m sticking to my reading list this year. That, and dirt digging. Nothing else is important.

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I'm heading in a fresh direction after this coming weekend and will be wrapping up some projects I've dragged my feet over for a long time. Reading, blogging, photography, perhaps some classes, next year's landscaping project list. Also, leaf raking! I'm very thankful leaf raking isn't as big of a chore as it once was here, back when we had eight additional deciduous trees on our small property. But the neighborhood maples have finally reached their heights and so, raking will always be. It's about keeping things tidy now, both inside and out. It's possible we're over-compensating for our across-the-street neighbor who now has nine vehicles and one boat parked on and around their property.

My NaNo novel is coming along. I have lots of notes, observances, and dialog chunks, and will pass the required fifty thousand word threshold tomorrow or Friday. Of course, I won't stop there. I figure I'm good for another ten-to-twenty thousand at least.

My old Mac laptop battery died permanently and yes, I can get another for next to nothing. But I did just drain my entire savings by paying for cement work. I don't need a battery anytime soon.

That cement work turned out... interesting. Much browner than I would have liked. Love the stamped slate look, complete with unexpected visiting animal paw prints in one barely noticeable corner.

I might try my hand at cement painting next summer, just a little gray shading sponged here and there to help with tie-in. Very thankful he has a solid surface to walk on now to get to the side gate, instead of the exposed root and mud pit that area used to be.

Facebook just isn't working for me right now so I'm giving it a break. Nothing wrong with Facebook itself. It isn't a good fit for me at the moment. Ditto on that twitter account.

My bully is still telling her sad, shameful, sexual-oriented joke about me wherever she can keep getting the laughs. So old, so... 5th grade behavior. This weekend's OryCon ought to work well for her. I worry more about her finding new material, who that means she's set her sights on next. Or maybe it'll be the same nasty, rehashed remarks about everyone she views as her inferiors. And don't you know? We're all her inferiors.

Not putting up a tree again this year for the holidays because, cats. There. Probably gave my bully some new joke material.

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I am not at all pleased to say a four inch piece of busted sprinkler pipe bested me today. I, who have done many a battle with sprinkler lines in the past, was outwitted, trounced, and defeated. To be fair, the sun was beating down on me too and the ground, half soak from the weekend rain and half rock hard packed clay, wasn't offering up any favors.

Tomorrow, oh white PVC pipe, tomorrow we dance. Tomorrow I win.

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October for me means wrapping up garden projects, taking drinking chai and coffee seriously, and creating an outline for my November NaNoWriMo novel. This year, thanks to my bully and the public shaming I received earlier in the year, I think I've got a good story to write. The upcoming rainy weekend will be perfect for ironing out the rest of the details and creating my outline (because it is glaringly clear now, without an outline, I suck at writing).

I had hoped to take a month-long writing class and was halfway signed up when during the process, I received notice the class was cancelled due to lack of enough interest. *sigh* Maybe next spring it'll be offered again.

Out in the garden, the Hot Patio cement that was scheduled to be poured first by the end of September, then mid-October, isn't going to happen now until the end of October. Unless it rains by which they cannot pour the concrete. I'm pretty ticked off about this because that was the reason I scheduled early, you know, to avoid the rain. Shouldn't be my problem but apparently, NO ONE listens to middle-aged fat housewives. Most of us are stupid, I gather, and prefer to whittle away the days sitting on our wide butts, posting outraged political story and opinion links from our Facebook page, and calling that, "important blogging."

My November is packed full of work and activities (don't need babysitting cement workers added to the list). National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo or just NaNo) begins, some writing meetings around town throughout the month, an anniversary I suspect, will go again unnoticed, and the OryCon convention nearer the end.

As much as I hate to admit it, OryCon might be going by the wayside for me after this year. I say, "might." I'll have to see how this year goes. OryCon is home turf for the woman who bullied me and because I didn't jump to report her action at Norwescon and then, immediately follow up with the OryCon folks, I missed the opportunity to have something done about it. More than likely, my complaint would have made things a whole lot worse, something I took into serious consideration at the time and affected that decision. She has a huge friend network within the hard working convention staff. I, on the other hand, don't, even after volunteering for the past eight years, even after running a small department by myself for five years.

People still insist she could never have done such a thing. Okay. Fine. I won't be the first OryCon attendee who loves OryCon but feels uncomfortable going. All things change...

... like our side yard where the Hot Patio cement will reside, someday, maybe even this year, instead of another winter of wobbly bricks and a muddy mess. Everything will work itself out. December will bring with it a whole 'nother batch of things, good and possibly not so. Either way, I'll have something new written to pick at, another convention under my belt, and a new year to celebrate.

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While back in the yard working, because you know I can't help but find reasons to play in the dirt, I remembered I hadn't seen a number of friends at World Con who I just knew had to have been there. So not only did I miss talking to some friends, I completely missed seeing others too and this made me sad.

Somehow I wasn't surprised to feel ignored and shunned by some other friends from the past. We all move on, I guess. I don't take it personally.

Now that I've been home for just over a week, I realize I don't have a writer's tribe anymore, nor feel that I'm part of one as I used to feel when I was heavily involved with the OryCon convention. Also, for the most part, I've forgotten my favorite rule learned from a local writer, Ken Scholes, who once said the key to so much is to run faster than your fear.

Run faster than your fear. Yes, this. This used to be everything to me.

For all of my childhood and much of my adult life, fear ruled everything. Over the past five years in particular, with my husband's Multiple Sclerosis and changing personality as a result of his MS and adding in the world economy and layoff worries, fear has waltzed hand-in-hand with hopelessness and a touch a apathy every waking moment. I am so tired of that. It's so easy to let fear creep in. Will his MS be the medical bankruptcy everyone warns about? What if he falls and really hurts himself next time? What if he can no longer work? Will we lose our house and everything we own? Would that be so bad? Will I end up begging for a job cleaning tables at Burger King? Will I end up living on the streets or in a poor house as a first husband once predicted? Will I ever write again? Will I ever figure out how to write again? Will anything I ever write matter to anyone but myself? Why do I feel I would be betraying my husband if I wrote about the most pressing thing on my mind - his mental health? Is this all just a shaky house of cards waiting to fall down as he says during his deep bouts of depression?

And the worst fear question of all: Shouldn't I just give this whole writing thing up since I seemed to have forgotten how to do it?

Then, I remember I've done things, things important to me. And because I can't sit still for long, it's more than likely I'll do important things in the future. I have always gravitated toward the hard things; never been much of a "looking for the easy route" kind of person. There's no challenge, adventure, or reward in that path, in my opinion. My husband used to think the same thing too and that type A personality trait was what brought us together in the first place.

His personality, thanks to his MS and depression, has changed to more of a type B personality type. He now looks for the easy route, takes shortcuts, doesn't finish home tasks or projects, and has upon occasion, called himself lazy. I'd be lying if I said I didn't agree. He is very different now and that's a tough spot between us, much like writing. He used to work at writing fiction, was considered not too bad for a newbie, but quit when he discovered he wasn't a bestseller right out of the gate, even though he knew the odds of that being the case were almost nil.

He doesn't like writing now, not any single thing about writing at all. Doesn't like to read about it, hear about it, listen to it. Doesn't like my writing. Doesn't like reading it or listening to me talk about it. Will not entertain the idea of allowing me to bounce writing ideas off him. Will not offer input. Will not make suggestions. Does not support anything to do with writing. All those writing books we bought together ten years ago? Gathering dust for the most part in a bookcase. I pull one out every other month or so, read a bit until some home crisis pulls my attention away and the fear starts creeping in again.

And then, out of the blue, he'll mention something about sitting down to talk about all things writing, and I'm floored. I have a million things to say and ask and all things look good until one day not long from that first day, he clams up and I'm set adrift again to live in my writer's vacuum.

Run faster than your fear. I need to embrace that again, really burn it back into my brain, because sitting around waiting to talk writing with someone who doesn't like it isn't moving me forward. And that I do take personally.

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Thank you, Spokane, for hosting us World Con attendees in your lovely city.

Thank you, World Con volunteers, for putting on a good show!

Thank you, World Con attendees, for being patient, mostly, and also for putting on a good show. The people watching was fabulous.

It was good to see favorite friends from Portland, Seattle, Brightwood, Tri-Cities, Eastern Oregon, and California, and wonderful to make new friends while waiting in lines for this and that, and from around the world (I'm looking at you specifically, dear friends from Montreal). Thanks for the incredible World Con bid parties and for feeding so many of us. So much to explore. Maple Cream liquor? Whoa! Danger punch? Double whoa! Blue cheese on ginger cookies? Will replicate that here, perhaps often. Irish stew, wasabi Pringles (must find these), four kinds of chili; there was something for everyone it seemed. Note to self: Next time, pass on hard convention center pretzels and don't take anyone's word that the local co-op is "as good as Trader Joe's." Good try, but um, no.

The thick smoke-laden air from the massive wildfires nearby didn't bother me until late Friday when it was near impossible to see across the street. My lungs didn't complain much but my red eyes looked like I'd been awake for days on end, if not weeks. Sorry if that frightened anyone. The sunsets were spectacular, though, weren't they?

Thanks to the awesome people who let me run the panel on How to Pimp your SF Ride after it was cancelled unannounced. I, for one, was really looking forward to that panel, and I thank you for all your enthusiast participation. It goes on my list of favorite World Con panels.

Life has returned to normal back here at home. Laundry is done, World Con mementos are lovingly filed away, new books are added to the unread pile, the cats have forgiven me, and the husband's birthday dinner celebrated. Today, I look forward to quiet time by yanking those weeds in the yard that are screaming for attention and getting back to compiling writing notes for something new. Shush you, weeds!

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World Con is just a day and a half away. This will be my first and most likely my only World Con and the only reason I'm going is because the location is close. I always wanted to go to one, though I had hoped it would be in some kind of exotic location that I could truly afford, like Montreal or Helsinki. I'll take Spokane. I've never been there so in a way, it will be an exotic locale to me.

I'm looking forward to the sights and some panels and especially, the people watching. I enjoy people watching, though not all people. My public shaming incident at Seattle's Norwescon earlier this year has, for the most part, killed conventions for me, and my bully will be there at the convention. My attendance may or may not make my bully wildly happy. Obviously, I've returned for more public humiliation.

I see my time spent at conventions coming to an end. I am not under the delusion that this will end the bully or the bullying. Perhaps there will be a pause. Perhaps. And perhaps not. I have one or two more obligations to make. Anything beyond is being held close to the vest.

Once back from World Con, I have a list of writing, reading, and garden things to attend to. I have an outline to complete for something new. I have a short stack of books to catch up on, and undoubtedly, will add a few more from the convention. And the backyard excess dirt project continues now that we sawed and dug and pulled all those huge maple tree stumps out. I have four five more items on my 2015 garden landscape to-do list; labor-intensive things that need a week of temperatures under eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit to keep plants and myself from wilting into a big, fat pile of nope. Anything accomplished after that will come off next year's list. You did know I was a list person, right? Hey, nothing gets done around here without someone being a list person.

If you're at World Con and see me, say hi. If you're there and don't know me, have fun. Make it the best World Con ever. I know I'm going to try to do that too.

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Cross-posted from http://www.cscole.com

It's Monday here and you know what that means right? Yep, it's yard debris bin emptying day. Trust me, there is much rejoicing, though...

I haven't done much in the way of digging in the past week, not as much as in previous weeks. The weather's been off and on, the motivation to dig has been somewhat the same. I've started working on the north end of the Hot Patio terracing, on the lowest of the four terraces, and ran into this:

Lowest terrace stump - 2015 © Colehaus.com

Lowest terrace stump - 2015 © Colehaus.com

Oh yeah, there once was a cedar tree there. I remember that now. I just need a good two hours of cutting with my trusty Sawsall and all can proceed as planned. But I've got other things to do at the moment. I don't think I'll run into another stump until I tackle terrace number two. That one's a maple and maple stumps aren't much fun.

But out in the yard, it's not been all digging, lopping, and swearing up a storm. Sometimes I find things like this nifty rock:

Fossil rock - 2015 © Colehaus.com

Fossil rock - 2015 © Colehaus.com

Fossil rock - © 2015 Colehaus.com

Fossil rock - © 2015 Colehaus.com

There are fossilized leaves throughout the surface that look like olive leaf impressions. The rock is heavy and very dense (compared with countless others here in our little rocky corner of the planet), about the size of a large adult hand. I didn't find it while digging but in the rock pile that partly came out of the ground and is partly from a load of rock brought in when our fountain was built. I believe some of that rock may have come from Montana if my memory serves right. I used to love geology growing up and dreamed of one day becoming an archeologist. One squashed dream and several decades later, I finally find a fossil on my own. This one's NOT going back out into the rock pile.

Shifting gears, since getting back onto my treadmill, ideas have been popping into my head about routes to take with various writing things I've begun in the past, most notably my two car-oriented novels. All are character motivations, which is a good thing and those I love because another dream of mine once was to study psychology, specifically the whys of things people do.

I haven't had any car dreams in the past week or so but I did have a fairly vivid one about Hillary Clinton coming to visit my house because I had asked her and because I was under the delusion she cared about home décor. She had sent back a wry note saying she would make the visit but that she'd have to cancel a previous engagement and children were going to be disappointed. When she did come, I was detained elsewhere and missed her walking swiftly through each room, not pausing or looking at a single thing. In, out, three minutes and she was gone. Clearly, I'm too proud of what I spend too much time on around here and am certain everyone else should see it too.

Yep, that about right.

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Former Red Maple bed complete, 4/29/2015 - 2015 © Colehaus.com

Former Red Maple bed complete, 4/29/2015 - 2015 © Colehaus.com

This afternoon, I finished my second big backyard project of the year a month and half early. The bed formerly known as the Red Maple bed, because it once contained a big red maple tree, has been completely revamped and replanted. A small leaf purple azalea, two blue oat grass, tulip bulbs, and a few hummingbird-lovin' annuals call it home. The backside of the fountain got a little makeover too. Lots of dirt was removed and blue grass now resides there. And no more retaining block!

This leaves me with only twelve bags of dirt, approximately six yards worth, to go into the yard debris bin between now and September... that is, if I don't dig up another shovelful. And we know the likelihood of that happening.

Next up, terracing the north end of the hot patio project. The hot patio is going in on the west-facing side of our house. The yard there slopes downward over three feet, thus the need for terracing the ground. Once that's done, the area left to dig out the hot patio itself will be more defined and I'm hoping that means I might have some help working on that.

I estimate terracing will take me a month to complete, because again, I'm doing all the work myself and because more dirt, maple tree stumps, and thick roots reside there. Smaller maple tree stumps sure, but stumps nonetheless. And those have to go somewhere. Hello, yard debris bin overload!

So while I'm waiting for that bin to be emptied every other week, I can finally get back to writing. The car dreams have continued on and off. I'd also been waiting for some computer parts, a new keyboard that allows me to use the letter 'e' the first pass around, and a headset to use with Skype, and those all arrived yesterday. I plan to get all that set up this weekend and get in touch with my writing mentor. Gosh, I hope he hasn't given up on me with all this waiting.

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